Pre-Made Henna Paste

Henna Paste can only be sold within the United States, and can only be shipped via USPS Priority or Express mail.  We freeze our henna paste before dye release, and ship it in heat-resistant mailers with ice packs, so that it reaches our customers at peak dye-release.  It should be immediately placed in the freezer when you receive it, until you are ready to use it.  Henna paste must be properly stored for optimal staining power.

Shelf life for henna paste:

Room temperature - 2-3 days

Refrigerator - 1 week

Freezer - 1 year or longer

If you intend to resell our henna paste, and you are shipping it to your customers, we STRONGLY suggest that you opt for Express shipping from us to you, and again from you to your customers.  It should be stored in a good quality freezer prior to selling it.  Otherwise, your customer may be unhappy with the stain quality.

 Ingredients: Jamila Brand henna powder, lemon juice, sugar, 100% pure essential oils. 

 Lavender Henna Paste contains Lavender essential oil

Signature Blend Henna Paste contains Lavender, Cajuput, and Geranium Rose essential oils.

We only use natural henna powder, which gives a red/brown stain. We do not use chemical dyes.  Henna is NOT BLACK.