Terms and Conditions

We realize that this looks like a lot to read. But you should read it before making any purchases here. We do not make exceptions to these rules because of failure to read them.

Registration Shipping Times
Ordering via E-Mail Payments
Minimum Purchase Requirements Refunds
Private Label Samples
Pricing Certifications and Safety
Taxes Contacting Us
Order Processing Times  Website Use

Amerikan Body Art’s wholesale website is a shopping portal for companies who intend to resell these products. We do not have a catalog of our products or prices, as the website is the most efficient way to keep that information current. You may find additional product information and images on our Retail website as we try to keep this website somewhat streamlined for more efficient ordering.


Customer registration is not required for shopping on this site, but it may be useful to you for keeping track of purchases throughout the year.

Ordering via E-Mail

If you prefer to not place an order through the website, for whatever reason, we can accept an order via email, but there is an additional $10 invoicing fee. We will send you an invoice via Paypal for your order, which will only be shipped once the invoice is paid.
Orders placed through the website are prioritized. Orders placed via email may take a day or two longer to process, due to time zones, business hours, invoicing times, etc…

We DO NOT accept phone orders ever.

Minimum Purchase Requirements

The minimum purchase requirement for shopping on this site is $200 US, whether it is an opening order or a reorder. Each product (particularly products in retail packaging) will state what the minimum purchase per product is.

Example: Pixie Paint - Minimum Purchase (5) Can be a combination of sizes of the same color.
If you are unable to meet the minimum purchase requirements, please visit our retail website.

Private Label

We offer a few products pre-packaged without labeling, but most private label customers are going to have to do their own packaging.
We sell many products in bulk quantities as well as some empty packaging, so you can 
package and sell products under your own brand.
If you purchase our products in bulk and package them yourself, you MAY NOT put our company name on that product. As we have no control over the quality of someone else’s finished product, it may damage our company’s image to have something sold to the public, if it does not meet our standards for production, safety, and quality. We cannot assume responsibility for another company’s packaging process or product storage once it leaves our hands.


The pricing on this website is the lowest pricing that we are able to offer, regardless of the size of your order. As we are not manufacturers, it does not cost us less to sell $10,000 worth of goods than it costs us to sell $200 worth of goods, so there are no further discounts available for us to pass on to customers. 

Amerikan Body Art branded products are priced at 50% off Suggested Retail Pricing.

While you are free to sell your products at any price above suggested retail pricing, we ask that you do not price them below our Amerikan Body Art Retail pricing, except for an occasional temporary sale. This is to prevent unfair competition among our retail resellers. We will periodically check advertised pricing on our customers’ websites and may, at our discretion, refuse further sales to a customer who we deem to be unfairly undercutting other retailers.


As this is a wholesale website, we do not collect or remit sales tax on these purchases. It is your responsibility to collect and remit sales tax (where required) to your local jurisdictions when you resell these products. We collect your sales tax id (for US customers) during the order process in case we are required to provide it to taxing authorities.

We DO NOT collect, have knowledge of, or have any control over VAT/GST, import taxes, or duties for
international customers. If you are a Non-US customer, your country WILL charge you fees for importing these products. If you refuse to pay those fees, the package will be returned to us. This typically takes a month or longer. If a package is returned to us due to non-payment of import fees, we will refund the cost of returned items which are still in sellable condition, but we WILL NOT refund any shipping fees. We strongly suggest that you inquire with your local authorities and learn about any fees or taxes which you may be charged for international purchases before you make a purchase on this website. No, we WILL NOT mark your order as a free sample or as a gift to avoid legal import fees. Please do not ask.

Order Processing Times

When your order is placed, you will receive a payment confirmation email from Paypal and an order
confirmation email from our website. This is the same as your receipt or invoice. A copy of that will be in your order as a packing slip.

***If you have not received an order confirmation email or a Paypal payment confirmation email, your order has most likely not gone through, due to some error or glitch. Please verify with us that your order went through if you have any concerns.

Wholesale orders generally require 2-3 business days to process. We do not work on Saturday or Sunday. Particularly large orders, or orders placed via email may take a day or two longer than normal to process. Order processing times DO NOT include shipping times.

Although we strive to avoid backorders for US customers, by disabling out-of-stock products and by using inventory controls on the website, we occasionally run into a shortage. In general, we will ship what is available, and ship the remaining products as they arrive. If this is a problem, let us know and we can simply refund the shortage rather than backordering them.

We do not backorder items for international customers. If there is a product shortage, we will contact you to ask if you prefer to wait for the item to arrive before we ship your order, to be refunded for the missing items, or to exchange the missing items for another product.

Shipping Times

When your order is shipped, you will receive a shipping confirmation email from Paypal or USPS with tracking information.

UPS ground generally taxes 5-9 days within the US.
Priority USPS generally takes 2-3 days within the US.
Priority Express generally takes 1-2 days within the US.
Priority International generally takes 7-12 days.
Priority Express International generally takes 5-7 days.

There are no guarantees for arrival times, because packages may sit in a customs office for an undetermined amount of time before being given to your local postal system.

Our website is connected to UPS and USPS, who calculate our shipping charges, based on the weight of your order, and the distance it has to travel. Other than a $3 handling fee to help cover the cost of packing materials, we only charge you what we are charged by those shipping companies.

When choosing USPS Priority, there are times that we can fit your order into Flat Rate boxes, which the website is unable to anticipate. This will cost less than what the website has charged you. In that situation, we will refund any excess shipping charges which you have paid, via Paypal. We will always do our best to help you save on shipping costs.

Local Pickup at our Melbourne, Florida warehouse is an option, by appointment only. Our $3 handling fee still applies.

If you prefer to use your own shipping account for DHL or UPS:

We can send you the weight and dimensions of your package once it is ready, and you can create and
send us your own shipping label via email. The $3 handling fee still applies for packing and shipping materials.


At this time, Paypal is our only available payment processor. You do not need to have a paypal account. You can pay with any credit card.


We realize that through years of shopping at large retailers, and companies like Amazon, you may be
accustomed to instant refunds for any issue whatsoever. We ask you to understand that we are a VERY small company, with very tight profit margins, and that a liberal refund policy would force us to raise our product prices.

If we make a mistake on your order, we will do everything within our power to make it right. If something is damaged or missing from your order or we have sent the wrong item, please let us know within 48 hours of receiving your order. Please keep damaged items and all packaging for insurance purposes.

We DO NOT, under any circumstances, refund orders because they arrived too late.

We do not refund or exchange products because the color was not right for your needs. Colors are subjective, and shopping online can be misleading with regards to color. We ask that you always purchase a sample from our current stock (as colors can change slightly from batch to batch) before ordering in larger quantities if color accuracy is of importance.

We do not refund cosmetic items as we cannot resell those items once they have left our facility. Keep in mind, although we do thorough research regarding ingredient safety and intentionally choose products with a low incidence of allergic reaction, no product on the planet is 100% allergy-proof. We do not claim or guarantee that our products are allergen-free.  Please read product ingredients carefully and educate your customers. We suggest testing a product before making a large purchase, as cosmetic products are not returnable.

We can refund packaging or applicators, so long as they are returned in sellable condition. Unless the reason for the return is because of our mistake, return shipping will be the responsibility of the customer. All refunds/returns need to be approved BEFORE you return the items.


We are more than happy to offer free samples to current customers. Every order will include at least one free sample. Not every product is available as a sample, but we will do our best to accommodate requests for a specific color or product to test…within reason. No, we cannot send you a sample of every glitter color that we carry.

We do not offer free samples if you are not a current customer. If you’d like to try our products to determine whether or not they are a good fit for your business, we ask that you purchase samples on our retail website, or perhaps you may find us at a tradeshow near to you.

Certifications and Safety

We are able to offer SDS sheets for most of our products. Some newer products may not have SDS sheets ready yet, but we are working on them.

We do not have any EU certifications for our products. We have attempted to go through the required
processes, but the costs and requirements of those certifications are simply not accessible to companies as small as ours, without the resources of a large manufacturer.

We DO NOT test our products on animals, but we DO thoroughly test our products on humans before releasing them to the public. 

These products are designed for professional use and should be used with professional 
discretion. If a product is marked, “Do not use on eyes or lips,” there is surely a good reason for that warning and it should be heeded. We cannot be responsible for warnings being ignored. Chunky glitters should not be used on or near eyes. Body Glue or Henna Paste should not be used on eyes or lips. 

Product safety is extremely important to us. We do our best to be aware of problematic or questionable ingredients in cosmetics, and to avoid them whenever possible. However, there is no substance on Earth that is 100% allergen-free. If we determine that a product has multiple suspected allergic reactions, we will cease to carry it, so please let us know if anything that you purchase from us has caused a reaction on you or on one of your clients.

Contacting Us

We are most accessible through Email. We check our business emails, Monday through Friday, several times per day. If you don’t get a response with 24 hours (during the week) please message us again.

Some customers choose to message us through Facebook, which is fine, but may not always get immediate attention.

As we operate this business with minimal staff, we do not have an employee to spare for making phone calls all day. We know from experience that having our phone number posted on the website would require us to hire an additional employee…and therefore cause us to have to raise our prices. If there is something urgent, our phone number is available on your paypal receipt. You will get a faster response through text than through calling, due to the volume of spam calls that we receive.


Website Errors or Abuse

We reserve the right to refuse service to any customer, for any reason. Though we do our best to avoid website errors, we make no guarantees as to 100% accuracy of the information provided on the website.  We will do our best to correct any of our mistakes, but we cannot honor erroneous pricing on the website nor mistakenly used coupon codes.