1/2 oz Bottles & Cap Options


With regards to bottles parts needed for skweezie henna applicator bottles:

We are completely out of the large size plug that is needed to attach the metal applicator tips.  

We are nearly out of metal applicator tips.

So, if you are buying parts to assemble your own skweezie applicator bottles, you won't be able to get everything you need without the large size plug being available.  You may be able to purchase this part separately from the Jacquard Company (part id# buncontip) but I do not know what their current wholesale policies are.

Unfortunately, the current state of affairs has caused me to lose my metal tip supplier.  And the plastic tips required too large of a purchase for me to manage at the moment.  Once our supplies are exhausted, that will be the end of the metal tips and wholesale skweezie applicator bottles.  You can buy them at wholesale from the Jacquard company (gutta applicator bottles).  Or alternatively, consider switching to luer-lock type bottle tips.  I apologize for this.  I know this really impacts some of your retail businesses  If you need help finding replacement applicators, or have questions about our remaining metal tip stock, please email and I'll do what I can to help.

Fine Tip Plastic Plug (part #003)
These are the plastic plugs that we use when packaging Liquid Bling glitter gel. They can also be used for henna paste or other products with low-medium viscosity. (NOTE*** The metal applicator tips will NOT fit onto these plugs)
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Ultra-Fine Tip Plastic Plug (part #007)
This is the finest of all of our plastic tips that work with our 1/2oz bottles. We had these custom made for our Liquid Bling, but the last batch that they made for us was just a hair thinner than the first batch, and we found that they clogged too easily with the Liquid Bling. They are good for clear gels, glue, or other liquids though. We will not be restocking these particular tips once we run out. (NOTE** These do NOT work with our metal applicator tips.)
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