Body Glue

Our Body Glue is Pros-Aide Original.  We purchase in 5 gallon pails and repackage it for resale. As per the advice of the manufacturer, we mark our products with a Best-by date that is 1 year after packaging it.  It may work fine well after that date, but we prefer to be cautious with a somewhat expensive product like this.

Body glue needs a stable storage temperature and should never be exposed to freezing temperatures.  Once it freezes, it becomes a solid mass and does not re-liquify. 

During the winter months, we must restrict shipments to the US, via USPS Priority or Express mail.  We ship it in thermal mailers, with heat packs so that it doesn't freeze enroute.  

This is a medical grade adhesive and should NEVER be used on eyes or lips.

Body Glue

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Body Glue (16oz)
The 16oz bottle is shown here with the 2oz bottle for size comparison.