Henna Powder

We only sell Jamila Body Art Quality henna powder.  It is considered the workhorse of the henna industry as the super-fine sift, consistent staining ability, and relatively stable shelf-life make it ideal for professional use.  It can also be used for coloring hair.

Body Art Henna Paste Recipe:

500g henna powder

38 ounces of bottled lemon juice

1 cup of sugar

120ml of essential oils (such as: lavender, cajuput, tea tree, geranium rose)

We mix this recipe in a Kitchen-Aid mixer, and strain it through a stocking before filling our bottles.  It can be frozen immediately after mixing if you intend to ship it to customers, but it needs to sit at room temperature for approximately 24-36 hours before it will be ready to use for body art.  This recipe is enough to fill about (12) 4oz squeeze bottles.


Hair Color Recipe

Mix 100g henna powder (for shoulder-length hair) with enough warm water to get mashed potato consistency.  Let sit 20 minutes, and apply to hair.  Leave on hair for 5 hours or longer. (Henna paste made with water has an extremely short shelf life and should be used right after mixing.)