Biodegradable & Compostable Glitter

We will be discontinuing most of our Biodegradable and Compostable Glitters.  These will be removed from the website as we begin to run out.  There may be a few more color options on the retail site as some colors did not have enough left in stock to put on both sites.  

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After doing extensive research and listening to feedback from customers, with regards to needs vs. wants, pricing concerns, and what we could sustainably offer our customers, we have made some changes to our Biodegradable and Plant-Based Compostable glitter lines. 

Please Read "The Scoop on Ocean-Safe Biodegradable Glitters and Plant-Based Compostable Glitters," for all of the pertinent information regarding the product line packaging changes, as well as some more in-depth explanations of the two different product lines available.

All of the glitters on this page are packaged by actual product weight, in recyclable ziplock bags.  Prices for 1/2oz Ocean Safe Biodegradable Glitters, and 1oz Plant-Based Compostable glitters are 50% off suggested retail pricing, to make them suitable for a normal markup for your resale customers.  4oz and 1lb sizes are considered "bulk" sizes and will have a discount closer to 30% off our retail pricing.  

We are now offering SAMPLES of our Biodegradable and Compostable glitters.  Samples are packaged as 1-Teaspoon of glitter, in a zip bag.  Approximate sample product weight is 0.12 oz (3.25 grams) ,but varies depending on the fluffiness of the glitter.